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Sequence Controls for Your Model Railway
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Hardware — Two Accessory Decoders: Universal 8 and Light 32

Both decoders Universal 8 (U8) and Light 32 (L32) are products of

They both have 8 (analogue) switching inputs and can be controlled through 4 DCC addresses at the same time. They differ in number and capability of the output drivers: Light 32 (L32) Universal 8 (U8)

L32 can control a maximum of 32 lights or lighting groups on your model railway. It can control magnetic articles and smoke generators, too. U8 is more universal and can control up to 8 articles — light, servos, magnetic articles, smoke generators, motors …
Licht 32
Accessory decoder Light 32 (L32)
Universal 8
Accessory decoder Universal 8 (U8)



We offer ready-made sequences, which we have created and tested thoroughly. They can be loaded onto the decoders U8 and L32, respectively, thus realising various sequences with electrical accessory articles.

Our decoders offer new possibilities, previously only feasible combining effect devices and conventional DCC decoders. You can even replace more than one of these traditional set-ups by combining several sequences on one decoder.

When purchasing a decoder from us, you can equip it with one or more applicable sequences of your choice at no extra charge - this is included in the price of the decoder. Any further sequences you obtain from our shop for this unit will cost you a little fee.



We work hard on a configuration software. This program will have two main tasks:

  1. To transfer sequences from a computer to your decoder
  2. To give you a means to create your own sequences


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