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Sequence Controls for Your Model Railway
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Our Hardware: Universal 8 (U8) and Light 32 (L32)

The accessory decoders of can control electrical and electronic accessory articles:

  • Lighting (light bulbs, LEDs)
  • Magnetic articles (points)
  • Servos
  • Motors
  • Faller Car System accessory
  • Smoke generators

These are mostly stationary accessory articles. But our decoders can also be used as locomotive decoders for conventional/analogue (non-DCC) locomotive operation — with adjustable and reversible voltage.

AIP Sequence Interpreter 4 × 2 Outputs (U8) 4 × 8 Outputs (L32) 8 analogue switching inputs Digital and analogue switching inputs Supply voltage for the outputs AC/DC or through the booster USB DCC main unit/ Booster

The accessory decoders of have some common characteristics:

The 8 (analogue) switching inputs can be switched to ground, can be switched by external switches and even by sensors.

The DCC input accepts a maximum of 4 DCC addresses with 8 functions each. That is a total of 32 control command from the defined address area for accessory decoders.

The conventional switching inputs and the DCC inputs can be used at the same time.

The USB input is used to load the configuration files into the decoder.

The decoder takes a supply voltage between 5 and 26 V. This voltage is also used for the switched elements on the output side.

All output drivers can generate PWM, thus allowing for an effective control over intensities (brightness, speed…)

Each output can switch up to 500 mA, and a single U8 can switch up to 4 Ampere in total (1 Ampere for L32).

The circuit board of the decoder measures 78 × 63 mm. Licht 32
Accessory decoder Light 32 (L32)

Both decoder variants vary in number and type of output drivers: Light 32 (L32) Universal 8 (U8)

L32 has 32 software BCM output drivers, each with a resolution of 256 steps (8 bits). U8 has 8 hardware PWM output drivers, each with a resolution of 256 steps (8 bits).
L 32 can control lighting effects with up to 32 lights or light groups. U8 can be deployed universally. It can control up to 8 different elements — lights, servos, magnetic articles, smoke generators, motors, Faller Car System accessories …
Each output can be switched to ground or high impedance state. Each output can be switched to positive power supply, to ground or to high impedance state.
The intensity of each output can be controlled by BCM separately. The intensity of each output can be controlled by PWM separately.
Each output can be used to control a servomotor with an adjustable pulse width between 1 and 2 ms.
Two neighbouring outputs can be connected to build a full bridge. Thus direction-dependant motors and magnets can be controlled.