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Street Lighting with Gas Lamps

A long street can be illuminated with gas lamps. Typical switching behaviour and some defect lamps.

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L32, Street Lighting with Gas Lamps
Decoder L32 with sequence Street Lighting with Gas Lamps
  • Product Contents: L32, with sequence, configured & tested
  • Order number: L32+ABLST_LIGHT_0120 Price: 89.00 €

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32 independent gas lamps with specific ignition and flickering. The slight flickering shows the varying gas pressure. Three gas lamps have a defect ??? and flicker quickly. The switching off process has different duration.

This sequence can be activated and deactivated via switch or two DCC commands.

Each light output can control one or more LEDs.

A long street can be illuminated with gas lamps. Prototype are the ancient gas lamps to be found e.g. in some parts of Berlin. Typical switching behaviour is shown as well as some defect lamps.