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House Illumination for a City

This sequence simulates lighting of several houses at night including dusk, night mode and dawn.

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L32, House Illumination for a City
Decoder L32 with sequence House Illumination for a City
  • Product Contents: L32, with sequence, configured & tested
  • Order number: L32+ABLST_LIGHT_0010 Price: 84.00 €

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When this sequence is activated 32 independent light outputs will be switched on in a random manner. This simulates house lights in a city in the evening (evening phase). As soon as all outputs are active, single outputs are switched off and on again in a random manner (night phase). When the sequence is deactivated all outputs will be switched off one after another randomly (morning phase).

This sequence can be operated and deactivated via switch or DCC command.

Each light output can feed one or more LEDS or lamps.

This sequence uses 32 independent light effect outputs to simulate lighting of several houses at night including dusk, night mode and dawn. All light flows appear in ??? random order.

As you can connect more than one LED or lamp to an output of the decoder you can even operate more than 32 LEDs/lamps in total on your railway layout.


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