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Sequence Controls for Your Model Railway
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Sequence Control of — How Does It Work?

Sequence Interpreter Configurable via USB Output driver DCCControl signals Switching input (analogue)
Functionality of the decoders of

Sequence Interpreter

Behaviour of the control automatics is determined by the Sequence Interpreter. It receives control signals from the analogue and/or DCC input, interprets them according to the defined sequence and controls the output drivers accordingly.


Our decoders can process as well DCC signals as trigger pulses as input events. The output drivers are capable of controlling various accessory articles - depending on the model. The sequence interpreter uses this peripheral environment to realize the behaviour of the decoder.

You Can Configure It

You can use the configuration software to load a new configuration onto the decoder, thus giving it new functionality.

Now Push The Button

Once the configuration is loaded the decoder can be mounted in it's place. You can trigger the sequences through conventional (analogue) switching inputs or through the DCC bus. Analogue and digital mode can be combined.