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Sequence Controls for Your Model Railway
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8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals
Controller for 8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals

8 independent block sections with block signals and appropriate advance signals can be secured. You control the main signals and the advance signals follow the aspect of the main signal.

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Control: analogue ✓, digital ✓, i.e. push buttons or DCC

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L32, 8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals
Decoder L32 with sequence 8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals
  • Product Contents: L32, with sequence, configured & tested
  • Order number: L32+ABLST_LS_0010 Price: 84.00 €

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8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals


8 light block signals incl. suitable advance signals can be controlled. 8 block sections can be secured. They are independent and don't need to be adjacent. The advance signals follow the main signals.

The Main Signals can show signal aspects Hp0 »Stop« and Hp1 »Clear«. The Advance Signals show Vr0 »Expect Stop« or Vr1 »Expect Clear«.

This sequence contains no automatic train control.

They can be activated through push buttons, toggle switches or via DCC controller.

Blocks signals make sure that there is never more than one train within a block section. The block signal shows Green if the block section is clear and Red if a train is within the block section. The associated advance signal follows the main signal automatically and shows »Expect Stop« (Yellow) or »Expect Clear« (Green).

Entry into a track section (block section) can be controlled using an entry (block) signal — this signal either clears (»Clear«, Green) or blocks (»Stop«, Red) the block section.

The corresponding advance signal is situated in due distance in front of this main signal and indicates the aspect of the main signal to the engineer in advance. Here Green means »Expect Clear« and Yellow means »Expect Stop«. This sequence control contains a total of 8 block controls not connected to one another. They can be used anywhere on the railway layout.

Each switching input of the decoder is connected to one block signal. As long as the contact is open, the signal shows Red. When the contact is closed, the signal shows Green. Contacts can be closed permanently with toggle switches or with push buttons for a short time. Alternatively each block signal can be switched over with 2 DCC commands.




»Auf unserer Webseite finden Sie an dieser Stelle das dazugehörige Video«
Im Video sehen Sie den Ablauf »8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals« in unserem Test­aufbau. This video shows a number of independent block signals with their advance signals. The advance signal follows the main signal. (Distances between the signals have been shorted for the demonstration.)


General Our Test Setup
scale: Z, N, TT, H0, 00…, in general any scale: H0
  • 8 main signals,
  • appropriate advance signals
  • »H0 Signalbausatz Blocksignal mit 2 LEDs« von Conrad Electronic (211141),
  • »H0 Signalbausatz Vorsignal mit 4 LEDs«, von Conrad Electronic (211184)