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Lighting for 6 Family Homes

6 family homes can be illuminated: several rooms, dawn, night, dusk. Additionally gas lamps as street lamps.

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L32, Lighting for 6 Family Homes
Decoder L32 with sequence Lighting for 6 Family Homes
  • Product Contents: L32, with sequence, configured & tested
  • Order number: L32+ABLST_LIGHT_0020 Price: 99.00 €
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Lighting for 6 Family Homes


This Scenario focusses on lighting of 6 family homes including two street lamps. Each house simultes the following lights: entrance hall, bath, living room, TV set, sleeping room.

There are three time periods:

  1. evening, changing automatically into
  2. night, and
  3. morning.

The two street lamps have different effects as street lamps.

This sequence can be activated and deactivated via

  • buttons,
  • switches or
  • DCC commands.

Sequences for the six houses are similair, but differ in detail. Example: In the evenening light in the hall starts, followed by bathroom and living room. The TV set flickers for some time, later the lamp in the living is turned off and the lamp in the sleeping room goes on…

The specific sequences for the six houses are described in detail in the User Manual (Gebrauchs­anleitung).

Each gas lamps shows typical switch on behaviour, shows changing gas pressure and one lamp even flickers as if it is defect.




»Auf unserer Webseite www.multi-steuerung.de finden Sie an dieser Stelle das dazugehörige Video«
Im Video sehen Sie den Ablauf »Lighting for 6 Family Homes« in unserem Test­aufbau. Auch wenn nur drei der sechs Häuser aufgebaut sind, wie hier in unserem Testaufbau, zeigt sich bereits ein abwechslungsreiches Gesamtbild.