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Sequence Controls for Your Model Railway
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Configurable Sequences Can Fill Your Model Layout with Life

Imagine you have set up your nicely decorated model railway, accurate in every detail and related to a certain period in time. Now you want to add some realistic lighting, maybe authentic signalling, or even two trains commuting on their own. This is where we'd like to help you.

Here you will find many sequences and configurations we have written and tested for the accessory decoders of You can use both the sequences and the decoders to add that certain something to your model railway.

New Sequences

We intend to offer as many sequences for models and model railways as possible. On the one hand we do this based on our own experience.

On the other hand we are open to suggestions for new and old sequences from you. Being on exhibitions we listen carefully to what visitors tell us.

You can tell us by email, which accessory you would like to control which way on your model (railway). There is always a chance that your idea turns into a sequence and brings fun to other enthusiasts too.

You can find all currently available sequences with key information in our Shop.

Detailed Product Descriptions

We provide more detailed descriptions for the following sequences on separate product pages:

Light Controls

Train Sequence Controls

Signalling Controls

Level Crossing Controls

Around the Station

House Illumination for a City Commuter Train Automatics for Two Trains 8 Light Block Signals + Advance Signals Level Crossing with Car Train Stop DR
House Illuminatin for a Street of Houses Commuter Train Automatics for One Train 8 Light Block Signals with Advance Signal on a Post (8) Level Crossing with Faller Car System Stop Train Stop DB
House Lighting plus Neon Lights Opposite Train Automatics for Two Trains 8 Light Block Signals with Advance Signal on a Post (4+4)
Lighting for 6 Family Homes 8 Light Block Signals with Advance Signal on a Post (5+3)
Burning Office Building 8 Light Block Signals with Advance Signal on a Post (6+2)
Street Lighting with Gas Discharge Lamps 8 Light Block Signals with Advance Signal on a Post (3+3+2)
Street Lighting with Gas Lamps 8 Light Block Signals with Advance Signal on a Post (4+2+2)
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